Some of my favourite 'modern day' ladies illustrated. I think Lana Del Ray is exquisitely beautiful and really does have a unique talent, I'm not a massive fan of all of her songs, but cannot deny that they're something fresh. I've been a fan of Zooey Deschannel for a while way before 'New Girl' probably ever since I first saw ELF when I was at secondary school. Drew Barrymore is so versatile, cute, adorable and I feel like you could have such a good night out and laugh with her.  I love her as olive the other reindeer the most! and of coarse Alexa Chung flying it for my British girl favourite.

 Because I have so many inspirations many being icons from the past my 'vintage girl' favourites illustrated will be posted later in the week or next Tuesday! I will of coarse have some of my favourite gorgeous guys, because at the end of the day I'm a girl who lusts after guys who are severely not obtainable yet find them extremely hard to draw!

 This illustration looks a bit weird in colour and collated weird :( my scanners being a bozo and I collaged the images together before scanned but to pick up detail I have to literally almost sit on my scanner, not cool! So may try have a play around with it once more when I have time.


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Scarlett said...

Your illustrations are amazing and I love Zooey - she's so talented and hilarious! xx

Sarah said...

These are really gorgeous!

Zoe Amelia said...

Hey :)
I just replied to your comment on my blog, but thought I would write on here too, incase you don't see the reply...

No problem, obsessed with the unicorn jewellery! I was telling my mum about it at the weekend. Ohh, that is great! I love the colours on the ones on your shop :) Thank you for getting back to me! Hopefully I won't have to wait too long to make a purchase!

Also - these illustrations are fab! I wish I had your talent! :)

Amy McMillan said...

Wow they're amazing! Xx

Helen said...

I adore your drawings, they're so beautiful :) Zooey is also a favourite of mine! xxx