Daytime Desk


When the sun shines through my window it makes everything seem more alive. My room is positioned so it pretty much sees the light all day, bit of a pain when getting ready to go out at night in the summer as it's heated up so much and stored it. I bought some bright yellow spring tulips for my sister on Monday and thought I'd pop a few in a vase for my desk to brighten up the space a little more. I have one desk (which use to be my dressing table) facing the window which I do most of my jewellery and account work from, I've got a collage inspiration wall for Jewellery by Jaymie right near it so I can eye it up when I lose my way a little. Then I have my big art desk which hoards, has splattered paint and lots of equipment stored (this photo was taken after I had just cleared it, hence it look tidy ha!)

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Chantelle Thomas said...

I love your work space. my room is so small I usually just work on the glamorous! haha x

Marta said...

This is beautiful! Love it :)xx

Glitter Detector said...

This just made me want to redecorate my desk ahah! Love it xxx

Qwerty said...

Love seeing pictures of your desk/work :) it all just looks so amazingly arty! x

Pip said...

I really want an inspiration wall just above my desk, like yours, because I think that it would help so much when I get stuck in the rut of mind block. But unfortunately my window gets in the way :(

Pip x