Wish list


Time for a bit of self indulgence and lusting, wish listing. I actually bought the Jamie pastel skinny jeans last week and the ear cuff and I love them. I definitely need some high waisted denim cut offs for summer.

I'm also going to a wedding in June and I've been looking around for appropriate dresses which I also really like and will ear before or after. I think these dresses from Topshop are very cute and come in four different colours, very easy to wear and can be styled in different ways. I am also loving this dress, perfect 60s vintage looking princess type dress with the antique pink, petticoat and floral appliqué!

Busy day of working on an illustration for an American magazine Off Switch and some new Jewellery by Jaymie creations, as well as enjoying this gorgeous day reading and writing outside in my garden. I finished reading The Hunger Games the other day, it definitely lived up to the hype, can't wait for the film!

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Kate said...

I love your illustrated version of a wishlist, so refreshing! Your illustrations are going from strength to strength, I love your handwriting too!

Qwerty said...

Your drawings are always amazing, love this way of doing a wishlist :) x

Chantelle Thomas said...

Most of these things are on my wishlist too! haha x x

princesselfy said...

I love that your wish lists are illustrated! And I've got those Jamie jeans too <3 them, now I want pastel jeans in every shade!

Pip said...

Lovely wishlist, I'm wishing for the mint Jamie jeans as well, only problem is last time I tried them on I looked huge in the thigh department, so I'm hoping that this time I'll go to Topshop before lunch! The fox satchel is so cool, and I'm with you on the mermaid hair!

Pip x