white rabbit

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I'm loving reading all your comments on my giveaway post about what you love most about summer, it has definitely left me in a hazy fresh scented bird chirping sun gleaming dreams. 

Yesterday I got the spring cleaning started with the laborious but satisfying job of cleaning my windows and ledge, they are quite literally glistening now! I also spent the day photographing, making some custom necklaces and going to the cinema to see The Vow, Oh how I wish I could randomly woke up one morning and discover I had been married to Joseph Gordon Levitt and declare 'How on earth did I bag you' Fingers crossed for tomorrow... 

Happy first of March everyone, how's your week going? I have some exciting things going on right and hopefully I will have some fun things and news to share with you soon! The silver dangling cross ring bracelet that I am wearing in the above photo is now available to buy form Jewellery by Jaymie. 

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Marta said...

You look gorgeous! Hope you'll have great weekend :)xx