Monday Inspiration


All images via tumblr if any belong to you please let me know so can credit or remove, thanks!

Dreaming of basking in sunshine, rays pouring over my limbs and warming my blood from the inside. Breeze running through the trees, evoking and intensifying each memory. Clear blue skies and birds flying overhead,  Dusky evenings with spikes of colour dancing, swirling, each tone spread.

My dream house is the kind you picture in a typical 90s American film or sitcom. Big, old porch running around the front of the house, with swinging chairs, pots of flowers, stacks of books and sitting outside in the early evenings with a blanket drinking lemonade. 

Yesterday my family and I booked to go to Rome in 6 weeks time, I'm going with my sister for her birthday and my parents who I haven't been away with in years so should be fun little get away. I've wanted to go to Rome for ages so I'm very excited, need to eat little to nothing before I go so I can eat as much pasta and pastries as possible! If any of you have been to Rome before I would love to know the best places to go etc!

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Paperbacks and Postcards said...

Ooh have fun in Rome, I've always wanted to go there! x

sophieraee said...

your so lucky to be going to rome! i wish i could go back, its so lovely! if your looking for historical places, the trevi(may be spelt wrong!) fountain is beautiful, as is the colloseum!<3

Katie said...

I approve of that suitcase chair!

Rome looks incredible, hope you have a fantastic time!

Qwerty said...

Lovely warm and summery post :) that chair is amazing! x

Laura said...

ooh, I'm going to Rome in 4 weeks! It looks amazing, can't wait! x x

Pip said...

Beautiful pictures! Have fun in Rome!

Pip x