ICON: Edie Sedgewick


This is the first in a series of illustrations and posts to go alongside pieces from my shop, the inspiration, the iconic status and step back in time that they all empower.

Factory Girl is one of my favourite films to lust over all the clothes and the 60s era. Sienna Miller is a perfect Edie, looking pretty much identical to her in thick kohl lined eyes, pixie crop and beauty spot. Edie had a turbulent life, family breakdowns, emotionally crippled father and suffering from anorexia, she died tragically died at the age of only 26.

In 1965 she met artist Andy Warhol this is when she began visiting The FactorySedgwick's notoriety grew with the media reporting on her appearances in Warhol's underground films and her unusual fashion sense and look. During this period she developed her "trademark" look – black leotards, mini dresses, and large chandelier earrings. Sedgwick cut her naturally dark long hair into a short crop and short and coloured it using silver spray, creating an mirroring look to the wigs Warhol would wear. By late 1965, Sedgwick and Warhol's relationship had deteriorated and the links they had now became tenuous. 

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millie said...

raaaa i LOVE Edie Sedgwick :) and factory girl is just the bestest film! your drawing is beautiful x

Stacey MacDonald said...

Your drawings are always amazing!! I absolutely love them!


x x x