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All images from Tumblr if any belong to you please let me know so I can credit or remove.

I've completely finished off paying for my California, Vegas and San Fran trip this summer today. Now I have just over 6 months to save as much money as possible to take as spending money. I'm sure there will be plenty I want to spend money on whilst I'm there! 

Did anyone get tickets to Reading yesterday? The headliners don't float my boat at all. I'm still thinking about trying to get a ticket as I would really like to go as there are some bands playing that I really want to see this year like The Maccabees, Blood Red Shoes, Mystery Jets again and then theres also Two Door Cinema Club, The Cribs and Justice. Anyone going?!

I'm off to aqua aerobics again tonight in a bit. I went yesterday too... I'm determined to get summer ready asap! Any tips to get summer ready that you do yourself?


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Annarack said...

I would love to see the two door cinema club. Inspirational photos as ever. I would love that bed in the trees and the plaits with the flowers in are just so pretty.

Pip said...

Seeing Two Door Cinema Club would be amazing, but 1) I can't afford it right now and 2) most of the line up is rubbish! And I love all of these photos so much - especially the ones with green hair and unicorns, and plaits and pretty flowers and sequins and pretty girls dancing.

Pip x

jessica said...

love this post! it's so dreamy!!
i especially love the flowers.... really want to make one of those huge flower headbands soon!!

lilyfm said...

I cannot wait to hear about your travels, they sound so exciting.. I wish I wasn't afraid of flying! :( I love these pictures too, so pretty!

Lots of Love,

Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

Sarah said...

all of these photos are lovely!

Jess and Paloma said...

Love all of the pastels, please please follow back, you have an amazing blog

Sophie Isobel said...

Pretty pastels! I want to fill my whole wardrobe with pastels! x