Pancake day, Kurt enjoying a pancake, Edie and Amanda Seyfried drawing, Cinema trips, Sunny, Sitting in garden, Jewellery business cards, Drawing unicorns, Illustrations to send to agencies, Katie wearing her Ring Bracelet, Breakfast at Tiffanys necklace, Dapper Cat necklace.

I wanted to post my Nutshell post yesterday but my internet has been down all weekend so haven't been able to log on! Very annoying as I wanted to watch the live stream of the Oscars, I stayed up to about 3am watching E! live on the red carpet and I thought they might actually show the awards as well but unfortunately they didn't. 

Spring was definitely in the air on Thursday. Clear blue skies, birds singing and warm sunshine, So much so that I even sat in my garden reading and doing a little bit of writing. Days like that really get me excite for Spring and Summer. A nice dose of Vitamin D and fresh air really does do wonders.

I ordered a bunch of business cards for Jewellery by Jaymie to add to orders and hand out to people. I hate sending out orders without a business card so at least now this won't occur. I have a slightly different Breakfast at Tiffanys charm necklace now up and one of my best sellers the Dapper Cat is now back and Dapper Cat rings will be listed soon as well. Remember all items are either one offs or low stock as I don't plan or make vast amounts of items. I've been working on some more ring bracelets so keep your eyes peeled (also know as slave bracelets but don't like that name too much!) 

P.S I will be posting my Monday Inspiration post later on too to help get the creative juices and thoughts flowing for the week!

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Chantelle Thomas said...

Your Edie drawing is amazing! And your business cards are gorgeous. I don't like the ones I have anymore but I have loads left. I can't wait to get new ones x

Charlotte. said...

That drawing of edie is beautiful! I love your business cards too, I printed mine myself and I'm just so not happy with the way they turned out!

Jaymie said...

aw no :( they're from vista so not as nice as my moo ones but they're perfect for orders as can't write on the back of them! and you get loads more! they're pretty cheap on vista to as always doing deals :)