Jewellery Swap: Wired Jewellery


Nails : Models Own - Lilac and Slate Green.

Faye and I decided to embark on a little jewellery swap package, to obtain some pieces of each others work to wear and show off, time and effort for time and effort.

I sent Faye London Skyline and Rabbit charms for her to attach to real silver rings (as she's allergic to silver plated) a J'adore pendant for a necklace and a dried flower trapped in a glass bottle necklace. I received my package on Thursday and was super excited to see what gorgeous Wired Jewellery creations she had sent me. I couldn't have been more pleased with the above knuckle ring - which I can tell is going to be a staple 'keep on all the time' type of ring, chalkboard ring which comes with chalk (too cute) and a cross and a skull bracelet. In love with everything. Thank you so much Faye!

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Qwerty said...

These are so cute - love your nails as well! x

Pip said...

That ring is so so cute! What a cool idea! Sounds like a great swap!

Pip x

Ciara Baron said...

Oh, the chalk board ring is just adorable!
Ciara x

Nabzz said...

Wow, love both rings! I agree, the knuckle ring does seem like a staple. Such a lovely idea to do a jewellery swap.

Annarack said...

Such a great idea and I love all the pieces you received.

Eleanor said...

The pieces are all lovely x

carmen xo said...

that ring is so cute!
wish I could make jewellery xx

Crafty Nell said...

Aw so cute, this is an awesome idea! I want to play!

Penny x