The Illustrated Diary


      Couple of sketchbook pages from my illustrated journal from around September to December time last year. My illustrated journal consists mainly of drawn outfits, today illustrations, tickets, lists, that kind of thing. Would you lovely lot like to see more types of posts like this? exerts from my illustrated journal, sketchbooks, rough sketches etc? Let me know :)

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Brianna said...

I must say that I LOVE this concept! This is such a cute & quirky way to write a diary. Ah I love this so much!

Rebecca's Vintage Romance said...

I love LOVE seeing other people's sketchbooks/ scrapbooks. Yours is amazing, it's the kind of book I would love to be able to do for uni projects but I'm just not creative in that way, boo. You are so talented.
I would love to see more posts like this :)
Rebecca x

jemmalouise said...

ohhhh i love it lots, wish i could produce something like this <3 hope to see you soon J x

Lydia said...

this is the cutest! love it. x

Kfedland said...

This sketchbook is amazing Jaymie. Seriously you are my girl crush right about now!x

Harrie said...

This is so cool! Love it x

Chantelle Thomas said...

I LOVE this! I love seeing other peoples sketchbooks :) x x