un-do up-do

A few days ago John Frieda contacted me with interest of working with my blog this year. Considering that I use John Frieda products it seems quite a fitting collaboration (the go blonder range was a saviour for any ombre brassiness I had last year!) They've got quite a lot of exciting things going on this year including blogger events, new product launches and campaigns.

They've recently just launched a you tube channel  one of my favourite styles is the 'messy updo' and I decided I would give it a go myself. The style is very 'me' slightly beehive-like and 60s unkempt feel to it. Plus it's super easy and quick, I took some photo booth shots of the results of the front, side and back. What do you lovelys think? Ignore my awkward face!


What's everyone up to today? I'm currently residing in bed after making my Dad a birthday fry up and burning my finger, not the smoothest of moves. Got killer girl cramps right now so watching Richie Rich and catching up on blog stuff. 

P.S People can now vote for my Talent House design which I posted about yesterday please take a look and vote/ support me if you would like to, would mean a lot. 

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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Your hair looks so good! Do mine? x hivennn

Jaymie said...

anytime jazzy, anytime! xx

Harrie said...

This hair looks amazing on you! So pretty, have to try it x

jemmalouise said...

so pretty, my updos always look awful x

lady liquor vintage. said...

It looks gorgeous on you!


Annarack said...

LOVE this hairstyle so much!!!!!

millie said...

so pretty! :) x

Viv said...

love the hair!


MontyMagpie said...

I always used this style in my hair, but now its to short everything turns into a big mess.
You pull it off great.


Emma.W said...

Great video, thanks for sharing! Will try it out sometime :)

Chantelle Thomas said...

It really suits you..looks lovely. Wish I had longer hair x

Diamond Solitaire said...

hair looks so good!! I need to perfect doing this!