Serotonin, your burning a hole into my heart.


How pretty is this sunset? I love when you see dusk set in and pinky, purple and peach hues illuminate the sky. This is the view from my bedroom window, we have the biggest tree ever that pretty much casts a shadow over the whole garden. Bit of a pain in the summer when trying to bask in the sunshine and you have to chase it. 

Some things I found out last week....
- Reading a book whilst peddling on the exercise bike, makes me do it for a lot longer!
- Blue Valentine is a really good film but is pretty depressing
- I love working at night and seems to be when I'm most creative
-Sometimes a Chinese take-away is just what you needed

This week I need to...
- Update Jewellery by Jaymie with some new charm necklaces
- Finish another Ballad of Candy Pop submission
-Go to the cinema (so many films I want to see!)
- Have frozen yogurt - Craving
-Balayage my hair

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Harrie said...

Gorgeous sunset photo! Love your little updates - same here with the exercise bike! x

Jaymie said...

haha aw thanks harrie, updates help me categorise what i've been up to/ doing (terrible memory!) love pretty sunsets SO much xx

Chantelle Thomas said...

I always prefer working at night. I have no idea why. Just get motivations out of no where x

Emma Harold said...

what a lovely photo! when the sky is like this, I'm still in the office! I'd be taking some snaps too otherwise! so pretty!

the next film I think I am going to see is The Woman in Black! excited! xxx