sea salted dreads, plaits and feathers


As most of you will know I've started the dip dye process once again by balayaging my hair on monday. Right now it's at a coppery/ dark blonde/ light brown/ ginger stage. But it's will on it's way to hippy surfer hair for this summer once more. hurrah. Just a little more dead and worse for wear though (boo bleach) my hair was pretty good condition before as I don't use too much heat on it but I rarely condition my hair as I'm a fan of the matte hair look, hence why dry shampoo is a daily occurrence. I'm definitely intending on regularly conditioning my hair to improve on the condition and strength of it.

I have fine feather heads to thank for the beautiful extension that is doning my locks right now. After tweeting about some missing feather extensions (not from them but from ebay) I ordered they were quick to contact me and offered to send me some. I got sent this pretty purple & grizzly feather and a brown toned one also. I'm craving the quill clips and tail extensions as well. Why can't my whole head be full with feathers? Maybe because then I would be a bird... but hey you know what I mean.

Yesterday I met my friend in London for some pure unadulterated orange wednesday advantage taking. We saw My week with Marilyn and The Artist (yes two films, hardcore \m/) We both had a code each and only cinemas seem to be uptown that are showing Marilyn and The Artist right now. They were both really good, very inspiring and engrossing. Michelle Williams really is an incredible Marilyn and looks so uncanny she really captures a nervous, vulnerable and lonely Marilyn so well. The Artist really is worth all the amazing reviews it's been getting, very clever, witty and nostalgic. Both completely my cup of tea. Anyone else seen both or either of the films? What did you think, let's have a movie geek out talk!

Today I need to get a crack on and finish my secret 7 submission I'm creating it for the Florence and the machine design, will share it with you all once it is uploaded!

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Annarack said...

I love how you have done your hair and loving the feather extensions.

I really want to see those films.

lozwinter said...

I love the Feathers. :-) and what you've done to your hair, the shades compliment each other.

Ciara Baron said...

Your hair looks lovely, and the feather hair extension looks so pretty!

Ciara xx

S.MILLI said...

wowza. they look beaut. x x