Chinese New Year, Fortune cookie, John Frieda goodies, Green tea and smoothies, Sewing machine, Crystals, Charm necklace that I've made for myself. 

- This week I got my sewing machine out of its rather dusty hibernation to make a bag out of an old brownies jumper, I bought it from Ebay, when I was about 16 and thought I was a cool emo grunge vintage hipster (as you do) and I did love it but I haven't worn it as a jumper in years so thought i'd make it into a shopper bag.
- I received some lovely goodies from John Frieda this week thanks to Jilly who sent them over. The 'go blonder' spray is seriously a saviour.  You might remember me posting about it last year?  Loving the volume spray as well which I've been using since I received the products. 
 - Bought some new materials including wolf charms and crystals to get crafty with some new pieces for my shop. 

I was meant to be going to the ZOMGbloggersbash tomorrow night for the launch of the new rockalilly lipstick tomorrow but unfortunately I had a very social, fun weekend and has left me with lack of money, time and lots of work to do. Least I will be in to watch the last episode of American Horror Story (nerdy silver lining and all that)

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Paperbacks and Postcards said...

I used to have a Brownies jumper when I was about 16 too, we must have been such cool kids! xx

Jaymie said...

haha definitely! xx

Chaitea said...

I love the necklace! It's so unique and pretty :D

francisdodson said...

Love this necklace :)
How much do you charge for custom items? x