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Hand made gem stone rings available from my etsy shop, daisy, vera wang and jimmy choo, lace bow necklace available on jewellery by jaymie.

Finally got my hands on Vera Wang princess. When I use to work in perfumery this would be one of my regular go to sprays and obviously since not working there I've been using my own perfume more so they're going down a lot quicker. I'm a fan of sweet, floral and fresh scents. I also love pretty bottles to adorn my sides. These are my three favourite perfumes Marc Jacobs Daisy (my favourite bottle) my new Vera Wang Princess and Jimmy Choo (not the prettiest bottle!) Daisy is floral and rather spring/ summery like, makes me envision walks through forests, picnics in fields with flowers in your hair and breeze running through it. Princess is sweet and particularly girly and Jimmy Choo is a warmer, sweet scent which has toffee and patchouli undertones. What's your favourite or signature scent?

You can also spot my lovely Chanel print from Helen which i received just before Christmas when we sent each other little gift and my print of Audrey Hepburn with her pet deer by Kerri-Ann which was part of an art swap. 

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Vicky said...

I must admit, Daisy was the first scent I've ever really worn and I've had to-rebuy it a few times because I love it so much. Although for Christmas, Tony bought me Flora by Gucci and his parents bought me Valentina by Valentino, both of which are just as lovely x

Jaymie said...

agreed i really like it, ohh they are both nice. I use to love rock n rose by valentino which was my first proper perfume as well then recently smelt it and hated it, so odd.