Lock it up


My ukulele that I ordered last week arrived and I am literally in love with it. I've saved lots of youtube videos to try and teach myself. Some of the new materials that I ordered to make jewellery with also arrived in the post so I've been making some new pieces. Today is the last day to receive 15% on all orders by using the discount code '15' I've added two new items as well including a sparkly gold bow necklace and a 'Jadore' text necklace with dangling heart. I also will be adding the cameos tonight as well. 

Been feeling a little lacklustre on the nail art front. I use to do my nails crazy and fun a couple of times a week and since working from home I haven't as much. I need to get myself some new clear polish as I have stars and glitter that I want to do some designs with. Vicky's blog inspired me with all her different designs on each nail for these eclectic mix on my fingers.

Anyone catch the last episode of American Horror Story on FX last night? I can't wait for the next season but I hope they don't drag it out to far and make it like Desperate Housewives.

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millie said...

oooh i love all your rings! :) and those necklaces look yummy too! x

Jess said...

Ah I love your new layout/header. Your nails look pretty rad to me & good luck with the ukelele playing!

Dancing Branflake said...

I hear horribly scary things about American Horror Story. You are on tough cookie!

Harrie said...

I got a ukulele for christmas - so much fun! Yours is so pretty, and I love your nails! x

Zoe said...

Cute Ukulele! Have you listened to The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, my friend introduced me to them a few years ago as she loves Ukulele and they are brilliant!!


jessica said...

your header is AMAZING!!!
going to go check out your etsy shop riiiight now :D

Satin and Souffles said...

I want a ukelele! That pink one is adorable! I looooove your rings :)


Tegan said...

your room looks pretty cool! :3 (in a non creepy way haha) and I love your ring collection, I need to get some good rings xo

Pip said...

Such beautiful photos, love your ukulele and beautiful jewellery!

Pip x