Custom Valentines Cards


I've recently been making custom valentines card. This one is for Olivia (she said i could blog post it - so it's a okay aha) I'm doing them for a special price of £15 and they came A5 sized either landscape or portrait on high quality cartridge paper. Once Valentines day has been and gone you are left with a 'love illustrated' style piece that can be framed or put up. 

If you're interested in commissioning a custom card just email me on jaymie89(@) Payment is taking through paypal and all I need is the main image and some examples of things of either your partner or the both of you like or things about your relationship that can surround the main illustration (as seen in Olivia's illustration above) I may not be able to include all the examples but if you give me a selection I can see what works well in the composition. 

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S.MILLI said...

gorge. such a cute idea. x

Ashleigh said...

So cute!

Rhiannon Owen said...

This is beautiful - such a lovely idea! :)

Rhiannon xx

Harrie said...

This is such a sweet idea! I love the way it's not just for Valentines' Day x

Kate said...

This looks amazing! I would totally go for this (if only i had a boyf aha) x

francisdodson said...

Such a lovely idea :) I would definitely get one of these if I had the money! x

Zoe said...

What a lovely idea :) can't think of any nicer card to give on V-Day!