Wadrobe Wishes


My wardrobe is wishing for these outfits to fill her up. I've been scrolling through Lookbook a lot recently after I went through a stage where I hadn't been on it in ages. I still find it quite a pretencions site but I do like to see outfits that I love or can pick up inspiration from.

I've been pretty rubbish since I've got back from holiday, been dealing with some personal issues and lagging so in the evenings at about 9.30 I'm completely crashed out. I'm going to go to the beach tomorrow to make the most of this weather whilst it's here, keep my tan topped up! I can't believe it's October 1st, crazy! Promise that from Monday onwards I will spill all about Kenya, filled with lots of photos, memories and info! 

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Daria Hlazatova said...

i want everything!! especially the sweater on the first photo

Rose said...

i always want to look through lookbook but then it makes me depressed cause i wish i owned all the clothes theres people wear! that 2nd outfit I NEED.
oh i hope everything is okay. I'm on twitter or text me if you like I'm always here!!
it's always depressing coming home from England after a lovely holiday. I had awful holiday blues after coming home from Turkey and that was just turkey can't imagine what it's like after being in Kenya! I'd love to hear more about it too.

Pink said...

Definitely the right choice! What a lovely Ladies Skirt on you! Beautiful!