Sunday Smile 08

Reading a book you just can't put down. I've just started reading One Day by David Nicholls which I've already got through 90 pages of and already just want to read it all but I want to read some on the plane when I go away next week so trying to limit myself. 

Laughing so much it hurts, you know the kind, the sides aching, can't breath and finding something so funny that you're laugh goes inwards and makes no noise, I hold my hands up I am one of them! 

Polka dots, whether on mugs, plates, clothes, duvet covers, wrapping paper... you name it I love a dotty pattern.

It kind of goes without saying but definitely needs to be a featured on a Sunday Smile, Family and Friends.

Lakes are so idealistic and romantic. I picture scenes from the Notebook when Noah and Allie are swimming with their friends and she swings on the tyre and where they take the rowing boat out on the lake and there are hundreds of white geese. 

The smell of coconut and the taste. I'm addicted, yogurt, ice-cream, hair products, suncream and a nice cold glass if malibu and coke are definitely some of my favourites.

Listening to panic! at the disco and reliving my yofff. I saw them with my best friend when I was like 15 and we were such hot emos (tame ones but emo all the same) who wasn't one in the myspace days, you weren't anyone if you didn't wear black skinnies, chucks, studded belt, hoody and black kohl... those were the days. 

Something so comforting and nostalgic about using a hot water bottle, plus they keep you warm in the coldest of months and nights, what a ledge. 

Excercing hard and feeling the benefit of sweating it all out, having the burn and light muscle ache because you know it's been a good workout! 

I love popping my own corn in the microwave it radiates the whole smell in the kitchen and tastes all lovely and warm. I also love butterkist toffee popcorn the perfect accompaniment to a trip to the cinema. 

This weeks Sunday Smile just on a Monday evening! I've been a bit all over the place and only had the chance to sit down and get some posts sorted out late last night. I only managed to take a picture of my new hair this morning on webcam before I went to work, They're not so great and I look quiet thee gimp but oh well I will photograph it better at some point, but it will do for now to just give you a general idea, I got it snip sniped on Friday night. I'm pretty proud of me and my sister, we basically got most of our packing sorted yesterday afternoon, organised and less stressed now. I am pretty much already in holiday mode and cannot really be bothered to do anything, fatigue is getting the best of me and I've been in a bit of an odd mood all day.

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Zoe said...

I have that same hot waterbottle! I love filling it up and cuddling it in my dressing gown when it's cold x

rachel said...

your new hair looks lovely! you really suit it. also, you seriously remind me of chloe sevigny :} x

Sweet darling. said...

your new hair looks great on you :)
suits you well !! loving your new look :)

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Coconuts and polka dots - I'm with you on those two! Thanks for the lovely images!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

dan said...

your hair really suits you :) xx

Pip said...

Love the pictures, so cute!

Pip x

HippySal said...

Forgot to mention your hair on Sunday! we were super dopey! Suits youuu and your style so Alexa ;) love you xx