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On Thursday evening (8th Sept!) I got in from work and found a rather pretty and interesting looking package on my stairs indoors, It was all wrapped up in old paper from an Atlas, I couldn't wait to rip it open and see what the lovely Anna had sent me in my first ever mail art swap (of which I still need to send her mine) I firstly found the little lace bound, map wrapped, little parcel of which when opened, it exposed a lovely typewriter written letter. I found dictionary written words that relate to me a really sweet and nice touch (since I'm currently on holiday in Kenya) You can see on Annas blog her amazing photos of everything that she had sent me as there are a couple of other little things such as vintage playing cards which I couldn't photograph well.

 I really loved everything that she sent me, but without a doubt my favourite, the exquisitely hand made book diorama. I told Anna that I really liked a drawing she had created of a Polar Bear and she took inspiration from this piece to create this little scene of a whale coming up for air and the Polar Bear sitting amongst the chilly icebergs. The amount of detail and intriquisy of all the cutting out, pattern and layers is really rather clever I think you will agree.

A little bit about Anna: 
She is an illustrator and textile designer. 
She graduated from Cumbria Institute of the Arts. 
She is interested in vintage/antiques, fashion, home wares, books and paper ephemera. 
Check out her blog to explore her beautiful vintage finds, other mail art swaps, and her gorgeous and inspiring work. 

I can't wait for you to receive my mail art in response, sorry I didn't have time before I went on holiday to do so but I will get bang on it once I return :)

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Annarack said...

Glad to see your blog is working again :) You say such lovely things. I'm so happy you liked all your goodies, especially the book diorama. I am so looking forward to seeing what you send me :)