London Blogger Meet


What a muggy, humid and dreary in London town it was yesterday, but it didn't matter at all because I met up with some really lovely ladies for the London Bloggers Meet. It was such good day and really nice to spend time with new friends, chatting and putting a face to the name behind the screen.

I met Emma, Safira, Elle and Jem at Lancaster Gate station at about 12 after some seriously hot tube action and annoying people crowding. We got to the pub before anyone else to help set up a little by placing all the cupcakes Emma, Safira and I made to feed the troops. When everyone arrived for the meet we went downstairs to grab a drink, luckily for me Emma and Jemma also went for a pint of something oppose to a glass of wine, it was too hot to deny myself a summer fruits Koppaberg.

We were all really lucky ladies and got some goody bags from Hero & Cape  complete with Vitamin Water, Temporary Secretary goodies, of which I received a pretty red stone ring, spectacle necklace and a really cute bear ring which I now can't find so I must have left at the function room :( we also received Lush goody bag with bath bomb, shower wash and tooth tabs. I actually used the Twilight bath bomb tonight, smells divine. Thank you so much for all the lovely goodies.

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to, my camera was being a bit moody. I mainly took snaps on my phone. I also took along my Fuji Instax camera with me which people seemed to like. I thought I would link it here incase any of you ladies who came along wanted to purchase one in the future!

Emma from Frank PR also came along to talk and show us some of the products that the company represents. We got to preview Pinkberrys new designer collection for LFW, which include; The Anna, The Henry and The Karl. I went for The Anna, coconut fro yo, capt n crunch, strawberry and mango, pretty much sells it for me! The Henry seemed to be the most popular with the other girls. You must know by now that I love my frozen yogurt and Pink Berry is my favourite so there arrival made for a very happy Jaymie.

I'm already looking forward to future meets and to meeting up with some of the girls again,  Emma, Laura, and I have been tweeting about a possible shopping trip very soon after my holiday. Can't wait! Thanks again for your amazing organisation skills and for planning it all.

P.S My thoughts are with everyone who was affected or lost their lives on 9/11 ten years ago today it really only feels like yesterday, my heart is with you New York. Days like these were you think of everyone who tragically lost their lives really puts things into perspective. I feel so emotional today watching all the footage of the memorial, shivers keep going down my spine. If nothing else today should make you feel grateful for the things and people that you do have in your life.

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Temporary:Secretary said...

i feel so emotional today too, just such a sad day and it always will be. My sister was saying today how she doesn't remember it (she was 3 at the time) and it was strange because it never occurred to me that people have never seen footage of it. She's learning about it in school... how tragic is that that it's become part of the history curriculum.

Thank you for mention, and thanks for showing us all the awesome photos. xxx

Hero and Cape said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures of the meet Jaymie! The Pinkberry stuff looks great!

PS. Your header image is awesome! IS that your own artwork?

Safira said...

Love the write up! It was fun times. Definitely had fun. And agreed - the Pinkberry was amazing!

Have a good holiday and if you are around when you get back we should definitely meet up or go shopping! x

Dancing Branflake said...

It's bad that I can't even watch a clip without getting so emotional I just have to stop and try to calm myself down. Thanks for the ps... it means a lot from coming from London.