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Since I got back in this evening from visiting my Grandma at hospital this afternoon, I've been re-jigging our suitcases (one is now over the limit, gah) prepping for tomorrow #londonbloggersmeet eee more on this later! baking cakes, having a lush bubble bath, having take-out pizza and watching the mighty. 

I'm so happy to be off work for 2 and a bit weeks now. I would have loved to have a lie in this morning but I actually couldn't sleep and ended up on my laptop at 6.30 this morning and working off my to do list. I ended up taking a nap from 9 to 10.30 though... only 3 more sleeps til I'll be on my way to Africa :) but before then I have a fun weekend ahead of me, I'm going to the London Blogger Meet up tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. I've baked some cupcakes, as has Emma and Safira so we have some variety on offer. Everyones been tweeting about tomorrow and there seems to be a lot of exciting surprises and goodies in store, Can't wait. Will be lovely to meet everyone and spend the day together. Expect lots of photos and I will of coarse be posting about it all here either tomorrow night when I'm back home or on Sunday. I just need to put my camera on charge before I go to bed, pluck my eyebrows, sort my hair... yeah I better get cracking now! 

If you want to see more on the meet up read Emmas blog post and follow the #londonbloggersmeet mentions on twitter.


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Rose said...

OH i completely forgot about the london blogger meet up! I was so busy this week with college i didn't think about it :( :( :( oh I'm well annoyed at myself!
oh well lets hope theres another big blogger meet up soon!

Zoe said...

I really would love to go to a blogger meet up!! I think it is so lovely to meet other people with things in common x