All nails, No face.


Models Own various shades, Barry M spring Green, Barry M Pink Flamingo, Models Own 25 Carat Gold and Nail Art and using a brown polish and pink to highlight spots, Models Own Grace Green.

Having some fun with Mac Photobooth, this is how I've had my nails most recently. I love changing my nails colours and if it didn't take so much time I would easily switch my colour everyday!


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coookies with milk said...

grrh,i should have bought some models own nail polishes when i was in london two weeks ago. they look great.

and i love changing my nails coulours as well )

Safira said...

The colours look fab! Especially the animal print ones.

Vintage and Cake said...

Loving all these, got to love Mac photo booth :) x

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love the one with all the different colours, and the colours you've chosen are pretty. Rimmel does a range that dries in 60 seconds, but i find rimmel colours stain nails even with a base! Maybe i need to buy a better base coat. Alternatively, 17 from boots dry really quick! Takes about 5 minutes to put 2 coats on both hands. Then you can change it every day! x

Dancing Branflake said...

Cute photos! I do love your last nails. They look professional!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous colours!

Molly ♥ said...

Love the first ones !

Rose said...

didn't realise you had a tattoo! I LOVE IT. I so want one and I'd love one like yours. small a nice!
I love loove love all your nails. I wish i had good ones like you hahah, I have stubby horrible ones cause i bite them and the skin around them really badly so need to stop!
Hope your having fun on hols <3