Teen Spirit

Kurt should definitely get more exposure on here then he does because he is just too cute even if I do say so myself. His little face does cheer me up ♥

I had some horrible news on Thursday. My lovely Grandma was taking in to hospital, so I've been feeling sick and worried about the whole thing. She seems to be doing okay, well as okay as she can be. So my heads been a bit all over the place but I've been trying to focus on some lovely things to help me keep my chin up, like that it's now 1 month til I finally go on holiday, I'm going lakeside tomorrow for a girly day maybe get some holiday essentials, have a taco bell and lust over some pretty dresses. I've also been sorting out my Big Cartel shop but I'm waiting for my sister to be able to take some pretty shots on her sexy new camera! but you can check out the work in progress so far, there is some necklaces and prints already up. If you buy any of my handmade delights I be your best friend :) and send you some extra goodies. When it's all up and complete I'll be sure to do a spangly post on it. Have a wonderful Saturday whatever you're up to, I'm waiting on 5.30 and I'll be outttta work, woohoo.

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Carina said...

N'aww Kurt is so cuute!

My nan keeps going in and out of hospital :( It's horrible as I live with her you really notice the difference when they aren't around :/

Aha I'm off to Lakeside soon, the Primark there is huuge!

Georgia Coote said...

Really sorry to hear about your Grandma, hope she's ok. Hope you have a lovely day shopping! By the way, your shop is looking GREAT!x

Bee. said...

Kurt's a cutie. I hope your Grandma gets better, sweet.

Victoria said...

Kurt is so so cute! I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, i hope she's okay! x

Temporary:Secretary said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the news of your grandma and I really wish for her to recover speedily. Totally know what you're going through as have been through something similar recently and it has drained me but you know where i am if you ever need a chit chat! x

Summer said...

How cute :)!