Sunday Smile 06

51. Vintage Cars
A VW camper van is my ultimate mode of transport. I want one so much. I would drive it around as my normal car, hell to the yeah. I really need to learn how to drive first and then I can drive down to the coast and deck it out with amazing fairy lights, blankets and paintings.

52. Receiving Texts
I love randomly receiving a text from someone because at that moment they are specifically thinking of you or have you in mind with something.

53. Pretty Books
Decorated and attractive looking books that are full of illustrations, pattern and an amazing story to boot. 

54. pinkberry
Frozen yogurt is definitely one of my most favourite treats right now. I had only previously had a pink berry once in New York, but it has now opened up in Selfriges and is the bets thing ever.  I still like you SNOG but I'm afraid that Pinkberry is the one. 

55. Vintage Bags
Charity shops are probably my go to place to find an original looking bag for next to nothing and it has that kind of past life to it which I like. 

56. My Kenya Holiday Countdown 
21 sleeps til I'll be waking up to the day that I go on holiday and we will be going on an amazing once in a life time safari experience. I'm so excited and really cannot wait now. I want to get a travel journal and write little entrys, doodles, collect tickets and images as I go along. 

57. Trinkets, Bowls and Bits. 
Changing my room about, sorting and organising my make-up desk. Making everything look pretty and setting it up all how I want. I know pretty nerdy thing but simple things like that make me smile. 

58. Pay Day
This doesn't really need an explanation now does it? I'm sure this is shared with pretty much everyone even if the sum isn't all that great it's better then the previous amount in the bank.

59. Polaroids
My favourite kind of photographs for sure. I had to order another Fuji Instax mini camera as the one I had previously ceased to take good photos and me and my sister wanted to take snaps each day at least on holiday and write captions and memory underneath the image as we go.

60. Postcards 
Receiving a postcard from a far away place, reading up a small rectangle sized summary of events, weather and wishing that you were there. I have some amazing vintage parisian ones that my friend bought for me that are on my collage wall, they even have original writing on and I've never translated then because I like to think that they depict some great love affair or a rich history and I don't want to be disappointed! 

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lilyfm said...

Jaymie you've been spoiling us with wonderful posts! I love this, and I love the fact that I can now add Pay days to my little sunday smiles. Oh loooord! Vintage bags, are my biggest weakness and filling up bowls with vintage tat! A holiday to Kenya sounds amazing!

Lots of Love,
Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

Temporary:Secretary said...

The prettiest pictures! Love the one with the vintage bag - is that a patched up denim jacket? Awesome! x

Vicky said...

My uncle has a VW exactly like the one in the photo - I love it to absolute pieces x

We Are The Crowd said...

i love all these images, especially the sixth and ninth - so pretty! i really want to try pinkberry, it looks gorgeous! :)

Mollie from

Zoe said...

Are those little make up draws in your desk? That is so fab :) mine is just in a large make up bag and it frustrates me trying to find everything!x

Jaymie said...

no they're not from my room but i do have a large plastic set of draws that all my makeup is in :) constantly trying to sort it in my anal way haha like what makeup do i use the most, what do i not want to be hunting for constantly etc tehe.

Annarack said...

I love all of these photos.....the books are lovely. The safari sounds amazing. I'm quite jealous.

Leya said...

such cute pictures dear :D