Sunday Smile 05

For this Sunday Smile I was mainly thinking all about celebrations, festivities and things that make me feel all fuzzy. Recently I've been focusing on the upcoming winter months and the lovely events that they bring. Most of my favourite days are in the latter stage of the year. 

41. Pandas
Seriously how cute are these little fluffy bundles of joy? There one of my favourite animals if you hadn't of guessed haha. t think I would rather like one instead of a baby. Right now my dream is to be Shiloh Fernadez' wife, be a stylist/ personal shopper (just cos) and have a pet/ baby panda. Oh livin' the dream.

42. New Make-up
I am a complete lipstick junkie and it's slightly creeping into all other beauty products to. Like pretty much everyone I love a bit of MAC and i'm craving the hue lipstick which is next on my list.

43. Oh Lola 
The new Marc Jacobs 'Oh Lola' is such a lovely sweet scent nothing like the original Lola which I'm not a fan of. I already have Daisy and I love how they looks on my dresser, this bottle is just as pretty and will look perfect sat next to daisy and my jimmy choo.

44. Lolipops
Sweets on a stick... hm yes please. Strawberry will always be my top.

45. Sorbet
Refreshing, cold and hydrating. Been a fan ever since I first tried the Mango sorbet in Nandos.

46. Northern Lights
Theres something so mysterious and enchanting about the aurora borealis. It is one of my goals to go and see them someday. I just know it will choke me up seeing the colours dance in the sky. 

It's one of the first holidays we have in britain for a while and for me it starts the first of nice festivities to come, halloween then my birthday, then lead up to christmas then hello christmas!

 48. Fireworks
They remind me of when I was a child on my birthday going to the school firework display in the evening and bundling up in my coat, gloves and scarf. I love the smell the day after that is left from the night before.

49. Birthdays
Oppose to Christmas being about everyone and feeling the closeness, birthdays are about you and being special and that's nice to feel sometimes. 

50. Christmas
The lead up to Christmas is my most favourite thing. The decorating, buying presents, making lists, baking, drinking hot chocolate, festive films. I hope I always love it, however old I am. As you grow up it's more about the feeling inside and spending it with those you care the most about. Soppy but true. 


P.s Thank-you everyone for the lovely comments and well wishes to my Grandma, I know she would appreciate it as do I :)
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Catey Cate said...

Oooh, sorbet! You have just given me a massive craving. When I was younger I always used to have rasberry sorbet with crushed meringue on top, SO YUM!

Any luck with your search for the perfect leather jacket? xx

Sophie Isobel said...

I love all these things too! Nice pictures :)

sam x said...

I am excited to see the coca cola advert then you know Christmas is coming!


Kate said...

That sorbet looks lovely! x

Sweet darling. said...

The pandasss !! how can anyone not love them they are one of the most adorable living thing on earth :D

megcasson said...

thats not sorbet, thats a snow cone.
you know crushed ice with syrup..

Jaymie said...

yeah it's only a picture... like the coca cola van isn't actually christmas nor is the firework picture a picture.
plus no we don't do snow cones in.

I know pandas are just the cutest aren't they, really want to do a trip to see some in the wild, but they're so endangered :( it's horrible.


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Love your little collection, I'm more a fan of the Christmas build up too- present buying, listening to christmassy music, the excitement.. it's over so quickly anyway! eee Panda! So cute :D xx

erin :) said...

ahhh thanks so much for sharing this lovely compilation of photos. looking through them all puts a smile on my face. that last one makes me want christmas right now! and i can't believe it's kind of almost here! well, i feel like that because i haven't thought of it at all in such a long time! i loveeee christmas too :) merry early christmas while i'm at it! :]