Sunday Smile 04

31. Messy hair.
The whole bed head, surfer, loose and messy waves is so me. I've probably straightened my hair twice in about two years I either leave it natural (wavy) and backcomb or guide it with straighteners to make it more defined waves, plait or topknot it when it's slightly damp and then gives those kind of disheveled crimp and curls. I really need to start doing some treatments on my hair because it is so straw like from the bleached ends and just generally not treating it that well.

32. The cool side of the pillow.
Is there much better when you wake up in the morning and flip over your pillow and the cooling sensation hits your face instantly?

33. Coke Floats
In particular Ed's Diners cherry coke floats are the bees knees.

34. Being inside when it's raining or a storm.
I love curling up under a blanket in baggy comfy clothes, with a hot drink, watching a film and hearing the pitter patter of the raining hitting the roof.

35. Adventures
Going for walks and having mini adventures, taking lots of photographs and finding new spots of beauty that you've never discovered before.

36. Starbucks
It's a weakness but I love a white chocolate mocha from here especially in the cold months of Autumn and Winter ahead.

37. Cuddles
There just lovely! There's something so comforting and a certain friendly intimacy to a cuddle that makes me smile.

38. Rings
Pretty and unusual quirky rings in particular, gem stones and crystals are some of my favourite.

39. Funfairs
Something so nostalgic and exciting about funfairs they remind me of school fairs, riding the carousel, tea cups, buying ice-cream and going to the petting zoo.

40. Crunchy leaves
Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, change is in the air. Coats and layers slowly creep on and leaves start to fall and leave crunch remnants on the ground, the sound under foot is one of my favourites.

- I've had all my travel vaccinations for Kenya now. If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that they all went down on Thursday and cost a pretty penny... Obviously worth it, because knowing my luck I would definitely get any illness going! My arm was completely dead that evening and pretty much felt strange all of Friday but touch wood it didn't make me feel too ill and it won't. Just the malaria tablets to go now which don't have to be taken til the day just before then the whole time were there and then a week once were back. 36 SLEEPS Y'ALL!

- There's lots of good films coming out soon which I can't wait to go and see, The Inbetweeners which I've missed from my TV screen and the film looks just as funny as the series! The Smurfs, I mean come on  Katy Perry as Smurfette... amazing! Though Papa smurfs my favourite for sure, the blue little babe. Jane Eyre which looks sufficiently strange and creepy, kudos! And then there's Glee 3D, Yeah it's pretty sad but I have to admit that we have pre-booked our cinema tickets (oh hai vip) but I don't care, typical gleeks. What films have you seen recently or can't wait to go and see?

-I'm only 25 away from 400 followers now which means fingers crossed a giveaway is imminent. Here's what I have planned which I mentioned in my 365 blog birthday post when I do hit the 400 mark.

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lady liquor vintage. said...

love absolutely all of these!


This Charming Style said...

I basically want everything here now! Haha :) Also, it sucks that the vaccinations are so expensive but it's so much better to be safe than sorry! I bet you are soo excited :). I can't wait to see the inbetweeners movie either :D xx

Beth said...

The bed hair is totally me aswell! And is the rings, starbucks and cold side of the pillow.


Bee. said...

You've certainly picked some gooduns. Ooh, Kenya?! Super exciting! I'm a film junkie.

Ms. Givens said...

Rings and mini adventures.
I have never heard of The Inbetweeners. Have to google it now. :)

PuppyLovePrincess said...

those rings are awesome!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

lovely photos, all those rings llook so pretty together. Ahhh bet Kenya will be amazing :) xx