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Life is full of beauty, We need to remember that. 

After all the fear of the riots in Croydon on Monday evening, My family and I couldn't stop watching BBC and Sky news. Seeing Reeves up in flames and hearing the family speaking on the phone was heartbreaking. It makes me so angry that they are ruining peoples properties and livelihoods. I feel very strongly about people sticking up for the yobs by saying most of them have had a hard life or grown up in poverty, mmm so what? Lots of people have problems, grown up in care, feel alone and wouldn't dream of ruining other peoples lives. There are children in poverty stricken Africa and other third world countries, who deal with life with much more dignity and respect. 
I work in Croydon and live only about 20 minutes away. The bus into town I noticed at South Croydon the bike shop had been smashed to bits and looted, Martin Phelps a lovely little music shop with stunning guitars was completely empty, so sad. The centre was quiet but to be honest it did shock me that there still happened to be some shoppers coming out, priorities? I went for lunch at 1 and we heard an announcement whilst queuing for our munch that the store was shutting then basically the whole of Croydon went into shut down again. Odd day, the atmosphere was just weird.

Sending out love, Can't we get our hippy on and treat people with love and respect, play a little Bob Marley and share some hugs. haha just saying' Hope everyones okay and safe.
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jemmalouise said...

Clapham is twenty minutes from me, seeing that s heartbreaking. Love goes out to you and Croydon :)

Jaymie said...

same to you sweet and everywhere and anyone who was affected, so many peoples houses and lives ruined. terrible. x

Tegan said...

Love all these photos!
And I know, it's absolutely awful all the looting and rioting, I hate seeing all the footage of innocent people's things being burned :( my brother got sent home from work because of it and he needs the money! it's so sad and all the businesses are gonna be worse off because of it :( love to you all in croydon! xo

Rebecca said...

Love these photos!
I get how they've had hard lives growing up but they're making their lives worse by doing these things if they're caught they'll have an even worse life. xx

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

You always post such lovely pics, a great antidote to all this chaos. Glad you're ok. I'm in north west London and the looters raided Poundland (!) and Vodafone. There's no excuse for it, they're all just greedy and if they maybe studied hard at school they could probably get a job rather than whine like they are doing about it being the fault of businesses. xx

This Charming Style said...

It is so heartbreaking, i cannot believe that people would do this to their own country, and there is no excuse whatsoever.

Stay safe, these pictures are beautiful and inspiring xx

hellolyndsey said...

These photos are absolutely inspiring! i love them, and your blog lovely! <33
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Alex said...

I feel so bad about what happened :/ such a shame that some people in the world are that way.

Sanzibell said...

tolle bilder, besonders die allee mit bäumen :)