Object Of My Affection: Shoes & Socks


The chunkier the shoe the better! 

Wish List:
Black sparkly boots - Topshop
Leopard flat boots - Forever 21
Dark purple or pink Dr Martens 

Now I just need some dollar. I go through phases of not really caring too much about shoes then seriously obsessing and craving over new and different types of shoes and I am definitely in that frame of mind right now! I really want to start wearing heels more often and getting use to them. Practice makes perfect and I think I need a lot of practice...

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dinoprincesschar said...

oh i really love socks all of a sudden, i have literally made it this far in life owning two pairs, and all of a sudden i like them all!

Sophie Isobel said...

If only! I've wanted that third pair for way too long now!

Rebecca said...

Love all of these pictures
Lovely post

Carina said...

That last photos is perfect! I really wanna wear socks and boots this autumn/winter! Great post

Annarack said...

These are all awesome, but I really want those daisy shoes....where are they from?

Dancing Branflake said...

Cute cute cute! Makes me want to go out and get some socks!

We Are The Crowd said...

the last pair looks great but i do think a lace pair of socks with heels are very classy :)

Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

Pip said...

I love socks with shoes too. The last pair was probably my favourite, I love chunky socks, though lacy ones are lovely too!

Pip x

Safira said...

love the first pair! They look so good!


hellolyndsey said...

usually the thought of socks with heels nauseates me but i LOVE the last one! I am definitely thinking about doing this for fall!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Anisa Young said...

I'm the same way! I'm sooo in a shoe craze right now, I can't get enough! I love the sock and heels craze too! Perfect for fall :) xxAnisa

This Charming Style said...

i've pretty much lived in shoes and socks for over a year now, i'm addicted!xx

M & Em said...

I have tried this look, but I don't think I have the right shoes for it! You know what this means? I need to go shoe shopping. And I want some gorgeous lacy socks now too!