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I've actually added a few items to Big Cartel, By Jaymie shop of which currently I only have two original illustrations of Amy Winehouse and Audrey Hepburn, a Fifi Lapin necklace and Stargazer printed top and tote bag as I can only list 5 items right now as I want to get a general feel of it and if anyone will be interested in purchasing bits before I actually decide to pay out monthly for a shop so can add lots of items of which would include more original paintings and illustrations, prints, necklaces, rings and printed tops and bags. I would probably have to set up a new shop though mainly because it says Dandelion Dreams which is a different venture and this will by a By Jaymie shop as at the moment I have shut my Etsy because I wasn't really using it, I may re-open but I'm not sure right now I think I want to concentrate more on Big Cartel right now. 

Amy Winehouse Necklace 

Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffanys Necklace 

Some new necklaces I have been working on that include the late Amy Winehouse after a few fans of hers that I know mentioned to me (after seeing one of my favourites Twiggy around my neck) that they would love an Amy one. Each necklace will be totally unique as they are all hand drawn and will look different from another. These aren't up on a shop yet but are available to buy if you would like one whilst they're available you can either tweet (@JaymieOC) or email me (can be found in my contact me) I'll be making and adorning a pretty commerative backing for the Amy necklace so it is extra special. 

I've also been working on a Winehouse commission so heres a sneak peek photo taken from my phone of the very early beginning process of the piece, not anywhere near to finished.

In other news I seriously cannot fathom everything that is going on in London right now, it doesn't seem real. Really makes you lose your faith in human kind and the intelligence of individuals. Hope everyones staying safe.

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elle-g said...

Thanks for commenting on my post :D Glad you did, otherwise I may not have found your blog!
You are really talented, the style of your work is so cute :) You've inspired me to get myself back into the habit of drawing again, so thankyou :D
elle xx

Kate said...

Beautiful photos! x