Fashion By Feelings: We Love Wool


Faux Glasses - Claires
Cardigan - Primark via Ebay
Dress - Forever 21
Ring - JWLRY
Boots - Ebay

Rocking the monochromatic look. I love this cardigan, it nods in the right direction towards Coco Chanel with its black and white wool design, bow pockets and cropped fitted length. I teamed it with one of my many lace dresses... did you not know that I was a fan? I will never have enough. I edited these photos just by adjusting the contrast and exposure to give them that dreamy kind of washed out vibe to them, I thought it made them look a bit prettier. 

I was contacted by Molly from Fashion By Feelings to take part and post some looks to their site. It looked like a fun campaign so I was keen to take part by blogging about it and share what it is they are doing exactly. The website is full of looks that have already been uploaded and is well worth a look for some Autumn/ Winter inspiration. Especially as it feels like Autumn is already well and truly here, somebody pass me the hot water bottle! 

I uploaded this look to the fashion by feelings website and think it has enough Parisian chic look mixed with my own aesthetic of messy hair, scruffy boots, geek glasses and unique jewellery to make it not quite prim and proper.

 Some uploaded looks already featured on their website.

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Kate said...

Love the dress and i love the dreamy effect of the photos! x

Rebecca said...

Lovely dress, cute ring
xx said...

This is a great classic look but, as you say, with your own stamp on it!

Good luck with the competition!

Pip said...

Love that look, the effects are done really well and I too am a fan of lacy dresses so naturally I am immediatley in love with your look!

Pip x

co co said...

Jaymie i love your little bunny ring! xo

Dancing Branflake said...

That is just so awesome! I love when blogs connect with one another. What a great opportunity for you.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love your hair! x hivenn

Tegan said...

that dress is GORGEOUS!!
congrats on getting on the site! xo

Sweet darling. said...

The dresss looks amazing on you :)
it's so femininee !!

Camilla said...

loove the dress, so pretty :)

xo Camilla

hellolyndsey said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit so much! You look amazing!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Temporary:Secretary said...

Stunning dress, J! I love the whole look x