Curl up and Dye


Au revoir  ombre ends. It's been fun, but it's time for a change. I dyed my hair this morning before my friend Sally came over to hang out for a bit, bring me books and spot treatment for the biggest spot on my chin EVER and worked our abs hard doing a zumba dvd. I've just got back in from meeting Linda in town, and I've currently got a dehydration and London induced headache... seriously it's like people just want to annoy you by walking so impossibly slow and stopping in front of you (frustrated mood) We satisfied our pinkberry/ frozen yogurt addiction, She bought some Illmasqua makeup in Selfridges, I bought some black bow gloves in Topshop and I also saw Jameela Jamil in the flesh coming out of the personal shopper area! She's so tall and even prettier IRL. I've been pretty on the go today. 

 I used a Loreal Casting Creme dye in Ice Chocolate, It's quiet weird being this dark again after over two years its been lighter. I did try and take some better pictures then this but my zit/ face didn't want to be photographed to much today! In keeping with the hair colour change, I've opted to get my hair cut shorter on Friday. I've been uming and ahing for weeks now whether to get it done before holiday or after, and my hairs just been annoying me far to much/ boring me that I thought I'd go for it. 

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hellolyndsey said...

Your hair looks way gorgeous :) and I love the blouse and sweater, they're so cute :). Sounds like you had a lovely day!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Ruby Vee said...

It already looks so good, but I'm excited to see how it looks in posts to come! :-)

I just started up my blog. I would love it if you took a look! Yours is so lovely, btw!

Dancing Branflake said...

Love the color and I cannot wait to see a full photo!

Vicky said...

Your hair looks so lovely! Seriously wish I could get rid of my ombre at the moment as well x

Pip said...

Wow, love the new hair colour! Looking forward to seeing how it looks shorter, not that it doesn't look beautiful long!

Pip x

Katie said...

Really liking that colour on you and Jameela is beautiful, if only we all had personal shopper though ay? :P

jemmalouise said...

this colour looks great on you, I know what you mean though, I couldn't imagine myself dark again, it must be weird x

Rose said...

LOVE the new hair!! looks so nice.
and omg jel you saw Jameela! i want to be her hahah

a.j.b said...

Your hairs a really lovely colour - I love the casting creme gloss range x

Lolo said...

I love the colour you've gone with for your hair! Really lovely :)