A/W 2011 Girl Meets Boy.

One of my favourite Autumn Winter trends is Girl mets Boy mainly because I would describe my own style as a contradiction and I would say I'm a girly tom boy. I love edging up a feminine looking dress and I love the whole tuxedo look, Last year I bought from Urban Outfitters a lovely black and white tux playsuit with a velvet peter pan collar, which I'm still bang on.

Burberry Prorsum

Done perfectly by Chanel, Ralph Lauren, YSL.

Inspiration: Coco Chanel, Audrey tatou in Coco Before Chanel, Fearne Cotton, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Sevingy, Leighten Meester.

Key pieces: Classic white shirts, bow ties, jodhpur boots, loafers, boy looking shoes, blazers, heritage jackets, brogues, trilby hats, glasses, black peg leg trousers.

 I bought a new pair of clear lens glasses from Claires Accessories for £5, I have the standard nerd type looking ones but these look so much more realistic. I think glasses sometimes just really makes certain outfits (I don't care if I don't need glasses, I like them haha) The Chung does them so well too. Ebay have some vintage looking frames as well which I'm keen on getting, with the slight cat eye shape. 

The Face: Red, Vampy Berry toned lips (max factor lip stain pen is perfect) with simple feline eye flicks, or go all out with the eyes, smouldering kohl and liquid eyeliner and opt for a neutral pale muted lip of the 60s (Freckle tone or hue by mac are nice pale shade lipsticks)

Ralph Lauren - The Shirt


One of my favourite pieces from Primarks A/W lookbook. Not a lot caught my eye whilst looking through it. I'm really not keen on the whole weird coloured colour blocking tights, not my thing at all. But I love this simple pretty victoriana collared blouse which would be perfect teamed with high waisted peg leg trousers and fitted blazer with killer chunky heels and sheer polka dotted socks,  for a modern tux interoperation. red lips of coarse. Other then this lovely top high on my wish list, I'm also craving a black bow tie to team with a crisp white shirt. 

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Sarah said...

I love the white primark top and it would look fab with the peg leg trousers and chunky heels. I like this whole boyish trend, especially worn with brogues or loafers. The Chung does it amazingly!



HippySal said...

we are so 'boy meets girl' gals! fearne being my ultimate idol! love this ..xx
the watch xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

The primark top looks so nice - i love a good detailed collar! x

Mon said...

I love this style! I think is very sexy! love your blog and thanks for the comments.



Toks said...

Don't forget, Janelle Monae has been rocking the whole tuxedo thing for a while too. It does look cool on a lot of people :)

Awesome blog as always :)

Hayley said...

I adore this post! I love the whole androgynous look. All the pictures are lovely too :) xx

Ruby Vee said...

I love everything about this post! It's so me!
I'm glad you also share the love for the androgynous look as well