Sparks In The Dark

Those days when you need a help in finding some inspiration, I get them a lot so I wanted to collect and collate everything and everyone (ok, well not everything and everyone) that gets my creative juices and grey matter going. I hope that maybe if you look through this you may see some films, books and people that you've never seen before and maybe share some that you find inspiring or that are you're favourites.

500 Days of Summer.

Some of my favourie films summed up in three, I have far to many films that I love to possibly share them all but here is some...

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Stunning, Amazing and Creative.
500 Days of Summer - Unconventional, Urban and Eyecandy!
Olive the Other Reindeer - Festive, Cheeful and Cute.
Edward Scissorhands - Enchanting, Dark and Romantic.
Labyrinth - Whacky, Crazy and Kitsch.
Funny Face - Classic, Audrey and New York.
Gremlins - Creepy, Funny and Peculiar.
Tangled - Dinsey, Pretty and Sweet.
Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Different, Exciting and Energetic.
The Notebook - Sentimental, Romantic and heartbreaking.
Lost and Found - Short, Touching and Adorable.

A Single Man.

I recently watched Tom Fords directorial debut 'A Single Man' with it's stylized cinematography at it's best and dramatic colour shemes are just used to perfection. A beautiful film about heartbreak, loss of love, the desperation and complete lack of control he feels he has over his life after his partner is tragically killed.

It's no secret I'm a film nerd, I love an array of different genres from animation, disney, old classics, Thriller, Jumpy, Comedys and chick flicks. I'm always on the look out for films I've no heard about or never seen, so share your faves!

Lost & Found - Oliver Jeffers.

Favourite Artists & Illustrators include; Oliver Jeffers, Jane Ray, Mick Inkpen, Mary Blair, Axel Scheffler, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, Caitlin Shearer,Nina Chakrabarti.

Fifi Lapin, What Shall I Wear Today - I adore Fifi Lapin. Shes a complete babe of a rabbit, This book is a mini bible and just a treat for the eyes. The bunny fashionista we all love.
Classic Fairy Tales - I love anything enchanting, slightly dark with pretty illustrations is a bonus. Theseclassic stories, many from The Brothers Grimm fit the bill. The illustrations by Jane Ray are stunning and really engross you into the shady tales which definitely aren't just for kids.
Hand Job, A catalougue of type - I've recently been getting a lot more in to different texts and types and love experimenting with patterns. This book has a vast collection of different artists and crazy examples of font.
Mad Men, The Illustrated World - This is a must have for any Mad Men fans out there and quirky illustrations tickle their pickle. 
The Picture Book Of Contemporary Illustration, a great source of inspiration to pour over and find some artists you may not have come across before.
Tim Burton,The melancholy death of oyster boy and other stories - Amazing. Funny quips, little stories and poems illustrated in the perfect Burton style.
Any book by Oliver Jeffers, Nuff said. I love the man. The author of Lost and Found. My favourite little penguin!


Mildred Pierce - I am loving the new adaptation of the film Mildred Pierce which is on Sky Atlantic 9pm Saturday nights. I've been catching up on Sky player online. 1930s California, Red lips, circle frames, short curls, open top cars and sunshine. Kate Winslet is amazing and her rold of Mildred portrays a pretty empowering view of a woman in this era. She not only left her husband, started her own business, starts an affair with a man after meeting him earlier that day and basically earns all the money in their short lived relationship.

Mad Men- No secret this is one of my favourite series. New York, check! 60s, check! Eye candy, Check! I can't wait for the newest series to come to Sky Atlantic, Hurry. Up. Please!
Britain's & Irelands Next Top Model - trashy, reality, bitchy TV at it's best! Completely easy going viewing. Such a sucker for these shows as well as Americas next top model!
Angry Boys - Chris Liley produces the best in my opion mockumentary comedys. Summer Heights High has got to be one of my favourite comedy's ever. The australian comic actor is a complete ledgend.

Style Inspiration

Jade Williams, Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, Florence Welch, Clemence Poesy, Chloe Sevigny, Jameela Jamil.

Two of my favourite icons if you hadn't noticed are Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy. Classic, 60s, Mod definite winners for me.

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Kate said...

Some of the films you mentions i love so much! You should watch 'blue valentine' and 'away we go' as i think you'd like them! x

Candy Pop said...

Cute post. I love it all..